Lab 07 – Subnetting

Lab Part 1 Goal –

  • Understand how to build a network and how to assign addresses to each item.

Process –

  • To begin this lab, each of the members were given worksheets to help understand how to build a network. We were given an IP Address to start with, and were asked to find the subnetting mask, 8 subnets, and then assign computer IP addresses, gateways, etc.
  • First, we took the starting IP address and determined it’s class using binary (class A – started with 0; class B – 10; class C – 110). After determining this, we could then begin to find the subnet mask (0 – 255. 0.0.0; 10 –; 110 – Since we needed 8 subnets, we would use the formula 2^n is greater than, or equal to 8. Conveniently, we were able to place 3 in for N. The three digits (111 00000) would add up to 224, creating the subnet mask to be,, or depending on the class. This allowed the first 3 bits out of an 8bit binary to be arranged in any way (000 00000, 001 00000, 010 00000, etc). Doing this would output the 8 subnets needed, using the original IP address. From here, we could determine the rest by adding 1 to the final digit.

Questions –

  • Was the lab successful?
    • For most. Many people were able to understand it; however, I had to learn it on my free time because it didn’t make sense to me.

Conclusion –

  • I still don’t get what half the numbers are used for.

Lab Part 2 Goal –

  • Create a running network in lab

Equipment –

  • Hubs, routers, cables, computers

Process –

  • At this point, I still wasn’t too sure of what was going on. Jereme explained most of it to me (which it still went over my head)

Conclusion –

  • I have no idea what I’m doing.

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