Final Project

The year is coming to an end, which means the Digital Media class was trying to determine what our final project should be for finals week in December. Our professor made the suggestion that we should choose our own project and if it impresses him, he will accept it. Being the smart-ass I am, I asked if I had my project done by Friday (Today – November 18th) if I could be dismissed from class for the rest of the semester with no penalty. Surprisingly, my professor agreed to it and allowed the same chance for all other students.

The project I decided on what a digital painting using Adobe Photoshop. Here is the final image –


I chose this as my project because I’ve always been interested in Digital Painting but never had the chance (or the free time) to try it. This was my first and completed attempt at a digital painting.

Goodbye, Digital Media II. It was good knowing you.


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