10/10/2016 Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary:

  1. Assignment Bank – Radio Show Bumper
  2. Assignment Bank – Theme Song
  3. Radio Show Poster
  4. Radio Show Update

Weekly Comments:



Radio Show Update

Recently, my Digital Media class has decided to do a radio show within the upcoming week. Each of us were asked to contribute and create a segment for the show. After consideration and discussing with the group, we have no idea what we are doing. Though asked to make it some what serious with a bit of humor, our class likes to just have fun and all of our topics we want to do aren’t too serious. A few of us have decided to contribute serious music lyrics reading and others would like to do guitar battles and ranting of how 2016 has gone so far.

We have made a bit of progress, but more is to come!

Lab 05 – Network Simulation



  • Discussing and understanding the process of data encapsulation.


  • String
  • Envelopes
  • Folders
  • Markers
  • Different parts of a network for group members to represent

Notes and Observations:

  • To start, each group member had to pick an item they represented (required items were: two routers, two switches, a printer, and a server) such as computers, mobile devices, and consoles. Once everyone chose a device they wanted to represent, each would use the string to attach to the switch within their group. We then created addresses based on our group name and wrote them down. Using envelopes to represent frames, we would create messages that would then be put into packets to be sent to other members within our group.
  • After our switch representative figured out each group members address, the router representative was then able to send messages across to the other table into the other group. Doing this helped us to understand the importance of bits turning into frames then to packets to be sent out for others to retrieve.


  • What should the switch do with a frame once it is received?
    • Once a switch receives a frame, it has learned at least one MAC address. It stores the address for future reference. However, it doesn’t know any others so it sends the frame everywhere until it finds the right device it was supposed to be sent to. This device will send a reply and allow the switch to memorize it’s MAC address as well. It keeps repeating this process until it memorizes all of the networks MAC addresses and is able to smoothly send out frames.
  • Purpose or benefit of sending frames on one port
    • The benefit of doing this is there will be less collision and traffic.
  • Why does the router use the MAC address of the next router rather than the MAC address of the destination device?
    • The routers are only able to communicate to each other. Since router1 doesn’t know the MAC address for the device connected to router2, it can only send to router2 and expect that groups router to deliver to it’s own devices.
  • Was the lab a success?
    • Yes – though it took us a while to understand exactly how the process worked, we were able to send messages smoothly after a while and had a good understanding of what needed to happen for the messages to reach their destination.


  • Doing a hands on lab to learn how networks operate was very useful. It was easier to understand how the process unfolded being able to do it ourselves.

10/03/2016 Weekly Summary

Following is each blogpost I created for the Design week of Digital Media:

Daily Creates:

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  3. Daily Create – NASA Frog
    1. https://kyliedeeart.wordpress.com/2016/10/01/daily-create-nasa-frog/

Assignment Bank:

  1. Assignment Bank – Good Ol’ Nostalgia
    1. https://kyliedeeart.wordpress.com/2016/09/30/assignment-bank-good-ol-nostalgia/
  2. Assignment Bank – Cartoon Head
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  3. Assignment Bank – Typography Poster
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  4. Assignment Bank – Minimalist Poster
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Design Blitz:

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